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Crystal-clear aquamarine. Luscious emeralds. Brilliant garnets. This site is all about colorful gemstones. Have a December birthday girl on your list? Click on blue topaz for dozens of choices, ranging from 1.6-carat pear-shaped danglers to diamond-encrusted slides. Browse for rings in 16 categories including Filigree Fashion, Two-Tone Treasures and Gems Galore. See a three-stone amethyst ring, but wish it came in peridot and citrine? Click on Design Your Own, choose replacement stones and the site will display an image of the new ring along with an adjusted price. Did you know that the ruby is known as the stone of courage or that ancient Greeks thought that white topaz prevents bad dreams? Find fun nuggets of info like this for each gem on the site.

BEST: Can see the same setting with different gems and metals with a click of a button.

WORST: Rings, pendants and earrings have sub-categories like Hoops With a Twist and Bold Beauty to help narrow your search but there's only one category for bracelets.

This article appeared on Forbes.com from 2006-2012. Forbes has recently redesigned their website, and has discontinued their "Best of the Web" section.

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Pavé Black Diamond Jewelry

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Looking dark and mysterious set into white gold, or more classic and traditional in gleaming yellow gold, diamond is a perfect match for any outfit or occasion. Diamond rings, earrings and pendants make perfect gifts for an April birthday. Our diamond clusters create the illusion of a single large diamond, while remaining affordable and practical.
create a jewelry keepsake
Select any combination of gemstones to create your own unique family keepsake. Choose the birthstones of your loved ones, or your favorite combination of colors.

Pavé Black Diamond Rings

Rings-Pavé Black Diamond
Diamond is the birthstone of April, and one of the most popular gemstones on the jewelry scene today. The deep dark color of a black diamond ring is just right for an evening out.

Pavé Black Diamond Earrings

Earrings-Pavé Black Diamond
A pair of created alexandrite earrings is like two gifts in one. Blue-green by day, and purple-red by night, the color change of this gem is sure to please.

Pavé Black Diamond Pendants

Pendants-Pavé Black Diamond
Although a relatively new gem, alexandrite is said to bring pleasure and love. Wear a created alexandrite pendant to attract the man of your dreams.
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Do you know about the amazing color change properties of alexandrite? Do you know why lab-created alexandrite is more popular than the genuine gemstone? Learn all there is to know about alexandrite in our collection of information about this truly unique mineral. Read about the cultural and religious history of alexandrite, the physical properties of alexandrite, and learn how to care for your alexandrite jewelry.
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