A History of Jewelry

Byzantine Jewelry
Byzantine Jewelry
In Constantinople, jewelry was ornate. Quantities
Medieval Jewelry
Medieval Jewelry
Ornamentation began to take on a real material sig
Renaissance Jewelry
Renaissance Jewelry
During the Renaissance, a revival of interest in c
Baroque Jewelry
Baroque Jewelry
The baroque period brought jewelry towards glitter
Victorian Jewelry
Victorian Jewelry
Styles from the Nineteenth Century were mostly led
Modern Jewelry
Modern Jewelry
The 19th Century began with the Art Nouveau period
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Did you know that a ruby is really a sapphire in disguise? Do you know that ruby is considered the king of the gemstones? Learn all there is to know about ruby in our collection of information about this special gem. Read about the cultural and religious history of ruby, the physical properties of ruby, and learn how to care for your ruby jewelry.
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