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Green Amethyst Jewelry

The Birthstone of February

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A new arrival on the gemstone scene, green amethyst is a real attention getter. Starting its life as a purple amethyst, the gem is basked in heat until it turns a delicate shade of icy green. Green amethyst looks great in either white or yellow gold, as a ring, earrings or pendant. Green amethyst is an appropriate choice as the birthstone of February if you prefer it to its purple cousin. It also goes well with other lighter colored stones like lemon quartz and aquamarine to create a unique keepsake ring or pendant.
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Select any combination of gemstones to create your own unique family keepsake. Choose the birthstones of your loved ones, or your favorite combination of colors.
Have you read the Greek myth that gave amethyst its name? Did you know that amethyst is used in religious ceremonies and has been a favorite of kings and queens throughout the ages? Browse through our collection of information about amethyst and amethyst jewelry. Discover the mythological and religious history of amethyst, the physical properties of amethyst gems, and learn how to take care of your amethyst jewelry.
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