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Lab Alexandrite Jewelry

The Birthstone of June

Alexandrite is the birthstone of June, and a truly a remarkable gemstone. Transforming from a beautiful teal reminiscent of a carribean ocean, to an alluring magenta in incandescent light, alexandrite is always a conversation piece. Natural alexandrite is extremely rare, and gems with strong color change are even more rare, so we use only lab created alexandrites in our jewelry. They are physically identical to their natural counterparts, with deeper, more saturated colors, and a more dramatic color change.
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Lab Alexandrite Rings

Rings-Lab Alexandrite Rings-Lab Alexandrite Rings-Lab Alexandrite Rings-Lab Alexandrite
The birthstone of June, Alexandrite is an amazing and mysterious stone. A created alexandrite ring is a unique and entertaining attention getter.

Lab Alexandrite Earrings

Earrings-Lab Alexandrite Earrings-Lab Alexandrite Earrings-Lab Alexandrite Earrings-Lab Alexandrite
A pair of created alexandrite earrings is like two gifts in one. Blue-green by day, and purple-red by night, the color change of this gem is sure to please.

Lab Alexandrite Pendants

Pendants-Lab Alexandrite Pendants-Lab Alexandrite Pendants-Lab Alexandrite Pendants-Lab Alexandrite
Although a relatively new gem, alexandrite is said to bring pleasure and love. Wear a created alexandrite pendant to attract the man of your dreams.
June learn about Lab Alexandrite
Do you know about the amazing color change properties of alexandrite? Do you know why lab-created alexandrite is more popular than the genuine gemstone? Learn all there is to know about alexandrite in our collection of information about this truly unique mineral. Read about the cultural and religious history of alexandrite, the physical properties of alexandrite, and learn how to care for your alexandrite jewelry.