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Blue Topaz Jewelry

The Birthstone of December

The serene tones of blue topaz evoke thoughts of a perfectly clear blue sky on a beautiful spring day or the lapping of blue carribean waves on a sandy beach. Blue topaz is the birthstone of December and is a lovely choice for a December birthday gift. Whether you choose a blue topaz ring, pendant, or earrings, you can't go wrong with blue topaz. Create your own unique blue topaz jewelry keepsake by combining blue topaz with any gem you choose.
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Select any combination of gemstones to create your own unique family keepsake. Choose the birthstones of your loved ones, or your favorite combination of colors.

Blue Topaz Rings

Rings-Blue Topaz
The birthstone of December, the tranquil color of a blue topaz ring can evoke thoughts of warm Caribbean seas on a cold winter day.

Blue Topaz Earrings

Earrings-Blue Topaz
Durable and affordable, a pair of blue topaz earrings are an excellent gift for a woman with blue eyes, or anyone who enjoys the beautiful color of blue topaz.

Blue Topaz Pendants

Pendants-Blue Topaz
Blue Topaz is known as the gem that has the power to improve one’s communication skills. A blue topaz pendant may make you a more eloquent and confident speaker.
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Have you heard of the magical powers blue topaz is said to have? Do you know how it protected emperors and kings throughout history? Browse through our collection of information about blue topaz and blue topaz jewelry. Discover the cultural and religious history of topaz, the physical properties of topaz, and learn how to take care of your blue topaz jewelry.
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