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The Library of Gems and Jewelry

Birth Flowers

The Gallery of Gems and Minerals
Birth flowers have special meanings and specific associations to certain months of the year. Here you will find a guide to the flower associated with every month of the year, its significance, and some other interesting facts to share with your friends and loved ones.

Gemstone Cuts

The Gallery of Gems and Minerals
Gemstones come in a variety of shapes, and then each of these shapes is fashioned into a different cut. Here is a helpful guide to the many different cuts a gemstone can come in, and how each cut affects the way the gemstone looks.

Gem and Mineral Gallery

The Gallery of Gems and Minerals
Our comprehensive guide to gems and minerals. Read facts about your favorite gemstone or mineral- its history; where it was discovered and is now mined, mystical facts, the best way to take care of it, and other interesting and useful information.

The History of Jewelry

The Gallery of Gems and Minerals
Here you will find a wonderful history lesson on jewelry. Starting from ancient times, when jewelry was made from piercing seashells, then working our way through the Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Victorian periods. We give you a brief, yet comprehensive history of jewelry up until the modern styles we sell today.