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Garnet Rings

Garnet rings are one of our specialties at Jewels For Me. We offer hundreds of styles of Garnet rings, as well as Garnet pendants and Garnet earrings. Every one of our styles is available in your choice of 14k white gold or 14k yellow gold. You can even mix and match Garnet with any other gemstone we offer to create a unique, personalized keepsake ring or pendant. We are confident that you will be impressed with the quality of our gems, and because we manufacture all of the jewelry ourselves, we can pass the savings on to you.

Engagement Rings

Garnet engagement rings
A Garnet engagement ring? Absolutely! Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but a Garnet engagement ring is a unique, original, and far more affordable choice.

Celtic Knots

Garnet celtic rings
The celtic knot is an ancient symbol of the journey of life. With no beginning and no end, the knot represents the timeless nature of our spirits and the world we live in.

Claddagh Rings

Garnet claddagh rings
Friendship, love and loyalty are represented by this historic celtic design. A Garnet claddagh ring with your birthstone or favorite color makes it even more significant.

Sweet and Petite

Garnet petite rings
A lovely collection of smaller Garnet rings for children, or women with petite hands. These rings are light and pretty and make perfect gifts.

Timeless Elegance

Garnet timeless rings
Some rings will never go out of style. These timeless Garnet rings will look just as good in a generation as they do today.

Modern Style

Garnet modern rings
Are you looking for the latest styles and fashions? Browse our collection of contemporary and fashionable Garnet ring designs.

Curls, Swirls & Filligree

Garnet filligree rings
Express yourself with these unique Garnet rings. Whether you like celtic knots, elaborate filligree designs, or bold contemporary style, these rings are just right for you.

Couture Collection

Garnet couture rings
Characterized by intricate details and whimsical deigns, these couture Garnet rings will make you one of a kind.

Bold and Beautiful

Garnet cocktail rings
Live large with these bold and beautiful Garnet rings.

Mens Rings

Garnet mens rings
Searching for a special and different gift for yourself or for the man in your life? A Garnet men's ring makes for a distinct and stylish statement about the man who wears it.
create a jewelry keepsake
Select any combination of gemstones to create your own unique family keepsake. Choose the birthstones of your loved ones, or your favorite combination of colors.