Lab Sapphire Celtic and Claddagh Rings in 14K Yellow Gold

Friendship, love and loyalty are represented by this historic celtic design. A lab sapphire claddagh ring with your birthstone or favorite color makes it even more significant. The celtic knot is an ancient symbol of the journey of life. With no beginning and no end, the knot represents the timeless nature of our spirits and the world we live in. Lab Sapphire Is known As the gem of sincerity and trust and is the birthstone for the month of September. You are currently viewing the items below in 14K Yellow Gold.
lab_sapphire celtic earrings
Celtic Trinity Knot Lab Sapphire Earrings 14K Yellow Gold
4x4mm SQUARE
Lab Sapphire learn about Lab Sapphire
Do you know which famous prince gave his beloved a sapphire engagement ring? Did you know that sapphire is significant to many of the world's religions? Learn all there is to know about sapphire in our collection of information about this beautiful blue stone. Read about the cultural and religious history of sapphire, the physical properties of sapphire, and how to care for your sapphire jewelry.