this month's birthstone - Fire Opal

Fire Opal Jewelry

The Birthstone of October

Fire Opal Jewelry captures the intense orange hues of a rising sun on a hazy Summer morning. Not to be confused with Australian opals, Fire Opal is from Mexico, and displays a brilliant solid orange color. Fire Opal is the gem of confidence and healing, and makes for a fiery pair of earrings, or as a glowing pendant to mirror the fire of the heart.
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Combine Fire Opal with any gemstone to create your own unique family keepsake with the birthstones of your loved ones, or your favorite combination of colors.
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Fire Opal Rings

Rings-Fire Opal Rings-Fire Opal Rings-Fire Opal Rings-Fire Opal
This birthstone of October embodies the orange and red colors of a warming fire. The fiery sparkle of this gem makes a fire opal ring become the center of conversation

Fire Opal Earrings

Earrings-Fire Opal Earrings-Fire Opal Earrings-Fire Opal Earrings-Fire Opal
Opal is a treasured gem all over the world. A symbol of hope, purity, and love, opal earrings make an elegant and luxurious gift.

Fire Opal Pendants

Pendants-Fire Opal Pendants-Fire Opal Pendants-Fire Opal Pendants-Fire Opal
Opal symbolizes confidence, clarity, and calmness and is said to promote faith in oneself and hope for the future. Wear an opal pendant to capture these qualities.