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Citrine - The Birthstone of November

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Have you ever watched the sun setting over the ocean on a hot summer evening? Do you remember the unforgettable shades of orange that bounced around the soft clouds and reached deep into your soul to warm you inside and out? Well you can capture that feeling again with the intense orange colors of citrine jewelry. Citrine is the birthstone of November, and is a durable, versatile gem perfect for citrine rings, earrings or pendants. Citrine - capture the warmth - hold it forever.

Citrine Rings

citrine-citrine diamond infinity ring November's birthstone, citrine sparkles like honey. Carry the warmth and glow of a golden sunset with you by wearing a beautiful citrine ring.

Citrine Earrings

citrine-citrine bowtie earrings Sunny and affordable, citrine earrings look perfect when set in glistening yellow gold mountings. Traditionally, citrine is given on anniversaries but is perfect for any occasion.

Citrine Necklaces

citrine-citrine infinity pendant The gem in a citrine pendant is considered a harmonious, optimistic, and cheerful stone with the ability to brighten up our hearts darkest places

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Did you know that a citrine is really an amethyst in disguise? Do you know why citrine is called "the merchant's stone"? Learn all there is to know about citrine in our collection of information about this beautiful golden stone. Read about the cultural and religious history of citrine, the physical properties of citrine, and learn how to care for your citrine jewelry.