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Garnet - The Birthstone of January

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Garnets, like glowing embers warming a winter fireplace, sparkling with flashes of deep burgundy, bright red, and intense amber undertones. Create your own unique garnet keepsake pendant by mixing garnet with the birthstones of your family. Casual or formal, and always affordable, garnet jewelry is an everlasting favorite.

Garnet Rings

garnet-garnet diamond infinity ring One of the oldest gemstones in history, garnet is the birthstone of January. Garnet rings have been popular since Victorian times, and are treasured for their deep red color.

Garnet Earrings

garnet stud earrings Garnet has been known as a gift of love since the time of the ancient Greeks. A pair of garnet earrings are an excellent gift for an anniversary or January birthday.

Garnet Necklaces

garnet-garnet infinity pendant Garnets have ancient connections with feminine life force. A garnet pendant worn close to the heart is said to promote balance and peace of mind.

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