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Onyx - The Birthstone of July

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Black - the color of night, the color of elegance. Whether it's that little black dress that's just perfect for any occasion, or a pair of black onyx earrings that go with everything - you can't go wrong with black. Black onyx is the mystical birthstone of December, and a black onyx ring or a black onyx pendant makes a perfect birthday gift. Black onyx is a perfect gem for a custom keepsake ring or pendant. Mix it with any other gem - it goes with everything. Perfect for every day or that special occasion, onyx jewelry is a versatile and elegant choice.

Onyx Rings

onyx-onyx diamond infinity ring Black and gold make a beautiful and elegant combination. A black onyx ring is a perfect accessory for any outfit.

Onyx Earrings

onyx stud earrings A pair of black onyx earrings are an affordable and elegant gift. Always appropriate and always in style, black onyx should be in every jewelry box.

Onyx Necklaces

onyx-onyx infinity pendant A perfect stone for nighttime wear, a black onyx pendant looks elegant and stylish in white or yellow gold.

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Did you know that wearing black onyx jewelry is said to protect you from harm? Did you know that soldiers of ancient times used to carry onyx with them to guard against injury? Learn all there is to know about black onyx and black onyx jewelry in our informative collection of facts and legends about onyx, the blackest of gems.