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Lab Ruby - The Birthstone of July

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The intense reds and deep pinks of lab created ruby glow with an endless passion. Known by many cultures as the king of gems, ruby has been treasured throughout history and coveted by royalty all over the world. Ruby is the brirthstone of July, and is so durable and strong, it is second only to diamonds. A lab created ruby is still a real ruby, created with no imperfections, and makes for an affordable choice in ruby jewelry.

Lab Ruby Rings

lab ruby-lab ruby diamond infinity ring Gem of hot summer nights and steamy red sunsets, ruby is the birthstone of July. Show the world the passions within you with a fiery ruby ring.

Lab Ruby Earrings

lab ruby stud earrings Ruby signifies passion and unbridled, unrestrained love, making a pair of ruby earrings a perfect Valentine's day gift.

Lab Ruby Necklaces

lab ruby-lab ruby infinity pendant Ruby is known as the gem of courage. Wearing a ruby pendant can help you get through the trials and tribulations of life.

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Did you know that a ruby is really a sapphire in disguise? Do you know that ruby is considered the king of the gemstones? Learn all there is to know about ruby in our collection of information about this special gem. Read about the cultural and religious history of ruby, the physical properties of ruby, and learn how to care for your ruby jewelry.