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Tanzanite - The Birthstone of December

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As the sun sets, and the skies start to dim, the beautiful purple and blue hues of twilight blanket the earth. Captured in a gem, these fleeting colors sparkle in tanzanite jewelry. Discovered less than 50 years ago, and only found in one small area of the globe, Tanzanite has quickly become one of the hottest and most coveted gems of modern times. Named the new birthstone of December, tanzanite jewelry is an elegant and exclusive choice for a gift, or for yourself. Whether it's a ring, earrings, or pendant, you can't go wrong with Tanzanite.

Tanzanite Rings

tanzanite-tanzanite diamond infinity ring Tanzanite is the new birthstone of December and has a unique purple-blue color. A tanzanite ring is one of the newest fashion trends and is a must for any jewelry collection.

Tanzanite Earrings

tanzanite-tanzanite halo-heart earrings A pair of tanzanite earrings makes for an unforgettable gift. A rare and precious gem, tanzanite is sure to please.

Tanzanite Necklaces

tanzanite-tanzanite bowtie pendant Tanzanite is the gem of fortune and luck. A tanzanite pendant is said to ease stress and free one from bad habits.

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Did you know that tanzanite was discovered by the Masai tribes of Africa, and is only found in one place in the world? Explore our collection of information about tanzanite and tanzanite jewelry. Discover the cultural and religious history of tanzanite, the physical properties of tanzanite, and learn how to care for your tanzanite jewelry.