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Smoky Quartz Earrings and Pendants

Smoky Quartz - The Birthstone of November

Brown gemstones are gaining in popularity and smoky quartz is an affordable choice. A smoky quartz ring goes well with autumn colors and evening wear. Do you know someone who loves brown? A pair of smoky quartz earrings is a unique and interesting gift for that special someone or for yourself. Yellow gold brings out the bronze and golden colors inside a smoky quartz pendant. White gold will highlight the brown and grey tones of the gem. Either way, you can't go wrong.
All Earrings
A diverse, unique, and eclectic collection of Smoky Quartz earrings is yours for the taking. Our 14K earrings are all made to order, at manufacturer direct prices lower than many jewelers charge for silver Smoky Quartz earrings. All of our jewelry is available in 14K white, yellow, or rose gold.
All Pendants
These exclusive Smoky Quartz pendant designs are made to order just for you. We design and craft each piece using only 14K white, yellow, or rose gold. Design your own unique family keepsake by building a pendant with the birthstones of your loved ones.
Celtic Knots
The celtic knot is an ancient symbol of the journey of life. With no beginning and no end, the knot represents the timeless nature of our spirits and the world we live in. A Smoky Quartz celtic knot combines these concepts with the spiritual attributes of the Smoky Quartz .
Design your very own family keepsake using a combination of Smoky Quartz and any other birthstone ore gemstone in our collection. Create a one-of-a-kind piece that will be passed down through generations.
Curls & Swirls
Like waves on a clear blue sea, or twisting wind-swept clouds, these whimsical designs are an artistic expression of spirit and uniqueness.
From the French for 'a thousand grains', the tiny beads of a milgrain accent can add complexity and detail to a Smoky Quartz design, as well as create a vintage or antique look.
Nature Inspired
Inspired by the creations of the earth, these Smoky Quartz pendants make a unique statement.
Pavé Diamonds
The most stylish type of diamond setting, the pavé style creates a smooth surface of diamonds perfectly embedded into 14K gold.
The gemstone is the star in these elegant Smoky Quartz solitaire pendants.
A perfect choice for yourself, or as a gift, our Smoky Quartz stud earrings feature sturdy cast basket settings and beautiful sparkling gems.
Three Stone
Past, present, and future are represented by the three gems in this Smoky Quartz pendant.
Drop & Dangle
Never more popular, dangly earrings are not just for diamonds anymore. Browse our selection of dangly and drop Smoky Quartz earrings and make a fashion statement!
Antique Style
Evoking the timeless styling of days gone by, these Smoky Quartz antique style rings connect you to the rich tapestry off all that have come before.
Art Deco
Sice the early 1900's, art-deco has been a prominent design style. In fashion, architecture, and visual design, art-deco is a lasting inspiration to artists off all types. These Smoky Quartz Earrings and Pendants capture the elements of the art-deco trend and turn you into a work of art.
Express your love with these unique Smoky Quartz rings that feature heart shaped gemstones.
Never more popular, the Smoky Quartz halo rings feature a beautiful gemstone surrounded by sparkling diamonds.
Your spirituality is on display with Smoky Quartz infinity jewelry.
What does your birthday say about you?
Are you a tiger, or a goose? A monkey, or a wolf? And if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
find out now...