Lab Emerald Celtic Knot 8x6 Emerald-Cut Engagement ring in 14K Rose Gold

This forest green lab emerald engagement ring holds deep symbolism in its design, with its 14K Rose Gold celtic knot, 8x6mm emerald_cut center stone, and .20 carats of diamonds. The curvy lines in the Celtic knot represent the infinite, everlasting love you and your partner will share as you travel along the journey of life together. Lab Emerald is known as the gem of love and life and is the birthstone for the month of May.

Style #: R26448EM-RCEMR
Gem: Lab Created Emerald
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  • 8 x 6 mm Emerald_Cut
  • 1.40 carats
  • AA Quality
  • eye-clean
  • Origin: Japan
Genuine Diamonds: .20 carats
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1.3mm Round D-G SI2
retail price: $ 1,321.00
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alexandrite engagement ring

My husband asked me to pick out my own birthday gift and suggested jewelry with my birthstone. I have never liked the Alexandrite stones I had seen before. Then I found your website. I did not know good quality Alexandrite was that beautiful! I picked out a necklace and ring. I was stunned by their beauty when they arrived. I havent taken the ring off and am absolutely mesmerized! Both pieces are gorgeously designed and the stones are exquisite!

James D.
Cherokee, TX
Wednesday, April 11, 2018

garnet engagement ring

The ring was exactly as described. The ring arrived before the time specified. Packed very well. No problems.

Kathy H
Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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