Tanzanite Smoky Quartz Men's Rings in 14K Gold

Are you searching for a special and different gift for yourself or for the man in your life? A Tanzanite men's ring makes for a distinct and stylish statement about the man who wears it. Tanzanite is the new birthstone of December and has a unique purple-blue color. A tanzanite ring is one of the newest fashion trends and is a must for any jewelry collection. Brown gemstones are gaining in popularity and smoky quartz is an affordable choice. A smoky quartz ring goes well with autumn colors and evening wear.

tanzanite-smoky quartz mens ring
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Men's Streamline
Genuine Tanzanite With Genuine Smoky Quartz Ring
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tanzanite-smoky quartz three stone ring
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Three Stone Tire Tread Men's
Genuine Tanzanite With Genuine Smoky Quartz & Diamond Ring
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tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is a member of the mineral family zoisite, which has been known about for nearly two centuries. Zoisite occurs in a number of varieties, the most sought after being tanzanite. This mineral family was named zoisite in 1805, some time after the Austrian scientist Baron Siegmund Zois von Edelstein (1747-1819) had identified the mineral in the Saualpe Mountains of Carintha, Austria. Siegmund Zois von Edelstein operated an iron mine in the Karawanken Mountains in Karnten Austria and encountered the mineral on his own property. Centuries later, the discovery of a bright blue transparent variety that we now know as tanzanite, created a lot of excitement in the specialist world.... learn more

smoky_quartz Jewelry

Smoky quartz is the National Gem of Scotland and has been considered a sacred stone there for a long time, a belief dating back to the Druids. The stone is the birthstone for Scorpios. Smoky quartz is one of the rare brown gemstones. Other rare brown gemstones are topaz, black beryl and brown corundum.... learn more